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The Soap Making Companion : A Guide for Beginners


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Free downloadable .pdf E-book with full soap making instructions and over a dozen recipes written especially for beginners


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This book can be read as a stand alone beginner guide to soap making. Video tutorials in the members section are support material, but you do not need to access the members section to fully enjoy this book and learn how to make soap at home!


The Soap Making Companion: A Beginners Guide 2nd Edition

New Second Edition Now Released

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Get This Book

The Soap Making Companion includes the 15 recipes found in lessons 1 – 3. This book is complimentary material to correspond to the video tutorials found in lessons 1 – 3. It is a full soap making course for beginners.[/text_block]



  • The Soap Making Companion
    The Soap Making Companion

    Download this .pdf version for your desktop or laptop. This is a full copy of the Soap Making Companion. This book corresponds to Lessons 1 – 3 in this soap making course.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If you want to learn how to made hand crafted soap from scratch, you have to start somewhere! The Soap Making Companion is a FREE e-book that teaches you soap making from the very beginning. Grab your copy absolutely free and get your feet wet learning how to start your own artisan craft. Recipes come with full pictures, and if you enjoy this book and want to learn more, there are full video tutorials inside the members dashboard that correspond to the first three of the eleven lessons in the Learning Library Soap Maker’s Course. That’s right! All the content in this book has a matching hands on video tutorial for even more in dept help on getting your started. It’s just like having a teacher in your own kitchen. Consider joining the Learning Library and get instant access to the Members Dashboard.[/text_block]