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  • Blessed afternoon to each and everyone may your day be joyfully successful Jan guide..

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  • I wan never able post my soaps on your dashboard .so I got frustrated and stopped making my lovely soaps. Anyway my membership ran out and I only took the courses never got to sell. I’m back hoping for better luck this time. Also I made my own labels because I never was able to get yours to work for me.

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    • Hi Susan, Welcome back! I would love to help. AND I would love to see your lovely soap pics. On your dashboard there is a photo button where you can post under the title “Member Activity” You can also post your pics directly to your personal member page or any of the groups and the pics will show up on the activity feed for everyone to see. With…Read More

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    The soap swap for August 15ths is now open. Post your name on this thread to be matched with a partner on August 16th. (You must sign up to post – Free Kelpie Level Members are always included in the soap swap and community games) For details on the rules to the soap swap read here :

    The Great American Soap Swap

  • Hi, I have a question about the Soap Craft Lables. How do I get it to download my lables? My page does not have a check out, a purchase cart, or anyway that I have found to be able to down load my lable to my computer to print out. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Denise, SoapCraftLabels is best viewed in the Chrome browser on your laptop. If you are looking at it through Firefox or Edge the dropdown tools in the navigation on the age you created your label on will look a little different. Open your label in the editor as if you are going to edit it (or while you are creating it) and hover over ‘Save…Read More

    • Thank you for that answer. Let me add this. I am using Chrome to view the page and my lables. I am able to get the drop down screen. But when I click Download file, and the option PNG, or any of the options, nothing happens. A little note comes up saving it has been saved. But, it is never downloaded to my computer.

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  • I am still having issues with seeing recipes, I have logged out and back in several times and still seeing the same message. It was on the cbd recipes but now it’s on the goat milk recipes, I can’t view any of them. Also I private message and haven’t heard anything. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or messaging the wrong way. Please help 🙂

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    • Hi Wendy! Thank you for posting this. I have updated that whole goat’s milk page so you can see all the links that are intended to display. I am always building pages and adding software to this giant composium, so sometimes a broken link is just me tinkering with pages….. try it now, and please always drop a post if you want to point my nose at…Read More

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